About this project

What is The Morning Star

Believe it or not, The Morning Star is not a newspaper. Around the end of 2020, I felt bothered by how little nonfiction writing I had gotten done through the year. Essaywriting, though never the focus of my career, is an exercise I have always enjoyed. It can feel like stretching a totally different muscle - yet finding the time and impulse to do so has been impossible since entering the “real world”.

The idea behind The Morning Star is to allow myself a no pressure space to practice my nonfiction. What that means, though, is lower your expectations. Each Friday, you’ll receive a newsletter from me that attempts to tie together random notes across the street - I plan for these posts to be somewhere between collections of aphorisms and actual essays.

Who am I

The Morning Star is written by me, kanishk pandey.

Mainly, I’m a writer. Most of my work up until this point has been in theater and in fiction — if you’d like, you can check out my playwriting here. I also have a podcast with my friend and roommate, Sam Phelan, titled Sadder Days. I’m passionate about storytelling, politics, unions, music, cooking and very little else.

Stay up-to-date

If you’re curious, and want to get involved, you can subscribe below. I also would love to hear any thoughts, in the comments, and am excited to get to start this project with you all.